Neighborhood Send-Off!

Tonight our wonderful neighbors threw us a send-off dessert reception, hosted by Leona and Dan B.  Thank you to all.  There were strawberries (with instructions to dip into the Grand Marnier and then powdered sugar), a chocolate roll cake, cookies galore, a raspberry torte cake, chocolates, and more.  Best yet it was a chance to hear of all of the interesting stories from our neighbors lives — most of whom are professors and/or somehow affiliated with the university and many of whom have lived abroad in places like Botswana, Kenya, Sicily, etc.  We are grateful to have come to know them and were glad for the chance to say good-bye.  Thank you!


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Gravatar Photograph from the exceptionally talented Ben Heine.
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One Response to Neighborhood Send-Off!

  1. Patty says:

    We will miss you. You have been great neighbors, and we all hope you come back to Sylvan Glen.

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