Packing Déjà Vu

It’s amazing how much stuff we’ve accumulated even though we’ve been living out of suitcases for three weeks now.  Christmas presents, must-have items to take to Zambia (new socks, large pack of toothbrushes, etc.), and debatable must-have items (frisbee, extra ping-pong balls).  We’re allowed a certain amount of excess baggage but each checked bag can weigh no more than 50 lbs.  Our roller-bags have no weight limit but, “You must be able to lift the bag into the overhead locker unaided.”  Fortunately, Thom’s a weight-lifter so I’ve packed all of my books and other heavy items in my roller-bag and will look forward to Thom effortlessly prove his manhood.

Ozzie’s “extended-height” crate is now complete.  A friend of my dad’s, Eric, did a fantastic job creating Ozzie’s new short-term home of 31 hours. Look at that beautiful sanded strip of poplar at the middle of the crate (to extend the height).

Thom says he’d rather travel in Ozzie’s crate than in coach class and I too think Ozzie will be more comfortable than us for the flights.

Our moving company recently sent us our shipping tracking numbers and according to those, our air shipment was scheduled for delivery in Lusaka last Friday, December 31, and our sea shipment is scheduled to arrive February 3 (less than a month after we arrive!!).  Of course, Zambia is basically shut down from mid-December until this coming week so we’ll see (a) if it did arrive, and, (b) if anyone was there to process it.  I hope so!

We have a 10-hour, 5 minute flight from LAX to London, an 8 hour layover (where they have a complete doggy facility to let the dogs out to exercise and relieve themselves), and then another 10-hour, 5 minute flight from London to Lusaka.  We arrive at 6:40 am.  Thom’s arranged to have two SUVs there to pick up us and our stuff.  Our landlady will meet as at the house and orient us, and then???  I suspect we’ll catch a nap before we start to unpack!  Talk with you en route.






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2 Responses to Packing Déjà Vu

  1. Gigi says:

    Buon viaggio!

  2. Mikey says:

    I hope it all goes smoothly. On the plus side, even if the flights are crowded or an hour late, you’ll fuggetaboutit in two years.

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