And we’re off…

We leave in an hour for the airport.  The dogs’ crates are labeled with food and treats taped to the outside.  Thought I’d give you a preview of the wonderful piece of property (5 acres) we’re renting on the outskirts of Lusaka.  A block fence encloses the huge house and about 2 acres.  Here is a photo showing over a dozen fruit trees (papaya, guava, mango, orange, lemon) and our water tower from a bore hole (this view is from inside the block fence).

The rest of the compound is surrounded by an electric wire fence enclosing the rest of the property. Here’s a photo showing Thom and our neighbors (his colleague) walking on the rest of the property to the gate at the road.

Because we’re not in Lusaka proper, it’s cheaper than renting in town, and we both love the country, so we jumped at the opportunity to rent it.  As a bonus, it’s next door to one of Thom’s work colleagues who is an MSU grad as well.

Look at this fabulous kitchen!

Well, my dad and brother are here to take us to the airport.  Bon Voyage!




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Gravatar Photograph from the exceptionally talented Ben Heine.
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3 Responses to And we’re off…

  1. Lori says:

    I remember that place! Glad everything worked out. I’m guessing that your new neighbors are thrilled to have you!

  2. Sandy Firestone says:

    Wonderful pretty and a beautiful place. I think you will have a good time there.

  3. Rachel says:

    Hi Kimm,
    Hope your trip to London is going well. I have a question: Is the block fence and the electric fence to protect you from people or animals?

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