Letter from Oz…

My brother just sent this to me.  (We’re in London waiting to board our flight to Lusaka.)


Please see correspondence from Ozzy below;

Dear mom, dad, et. Al

I had quite a day yesterday. I didn’t particularly care for those British Air snobs but everything turned out well. I went to Corona California tuesday afternoon and the first thing I got to do was defecate on these peoples’ pretty lawn – everything was going well until I was startled by these tiny birds halfway through my business. They were everywhere. I was enamored by the constant dive bombing and their arrogance. I soon learned these ‘hummingbirds’ are impossible to lick so I gave up.  Which was just as well because I discovered these small furry creatures staring at me through a window.

A few barks later I was welcomed into the house where these ‘cats’ resided. I immediately went to the nice sofa and watched (was I supposed to make myself at home?)

After a while this black cat came up to me and I gave it a lick which it seemed to enjoy. Since there was a nice lady watching all this it sort of implied that it would be Ok if I ‘mouthed’ the cat. That didn’t go so well because the nice lady freaked. That ended my interaction with ‘cat’ for the evening.

I found that if I do the low, throaty whine, I will get attention. This worked so well that the nice guy who took me home came out of the bedroom and stayed with me until I was sleepy. (note to self, whining does work) I slept fine after I made it clear that I am not to be ignored.

This morning we were up real early. I did my thing in their pretty lawn again, this time there were no distractions, and then went to the office where I am writing you now.

I get to spend two days at grandpas and then on Friday, I get to go back to corona which I like very much. There’s even talk of reintroducing me to the ‘cat’ again. I can’t wait…

All is well and I hope to see you soon!

Oswald X Jayne








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6 Responses to Letter from Oz…

  1. Sandy Firestone says:

    Way to go Ozzy. You are taking all in good stride.

  2. Amy Bowden says:

    You’re a good sport Ozzie. Feel free to search the world over while Michigan sits stagnant in it’s deep freeze. People envy you. 🙂

  3. Lisa Murray-Johnson says:

    Oh, seriously! Had no idea they would be so strict about it. Ozzy obviously misses his pack and his mom and dad,. Any way to get him over there? Thank heavens you had your dad and brother to be there with him. Kudos to having a great family. Tell Ozzie to stick with tormenting the cats– it is a great way to pass the time!

  4. Maureen Witte says:

    Hm-m-m. Things might work out well here.

  5. Elizabeth Van Ark says:

    Ozzie – you’re the Wizard in all the best ways.

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