That’ll teach me…

…to brag about how our power won’t go out when everyone else’s does, just because of the neighborhood….

There was a terrific thunder and lightning storm today and enough pounding rain at a perfect angle to cover the floors of all of the rooms with open windows.  I don’t have any rags or towels but I did buy a sponge mop so it’s come in handy and our floors are rain-water clean and fresh now.

About 2 pm this afternoon the power went out.   Confident that it’ll come on in five minutes like it did last night, I opened the fridge and stared at the items while deciding what to make for dinner later.  After all of the cold air had escaped, I realized that was pretty stupid, so shut it and haven’t opened it since.

It’s now 6.5 hours and counting.  Thom and I drove to an internet cafe and were delighted to find hours like the U.S. for grocery stores.  (In Rome, everything closed down early and was closed on Sundays, so you had to plan ahead.)  On our way out we saw the ZESCO people working on a line close to our house.  Thom rolled down his window and one said, “You’ll be very happy in about two hours.”  Two hours?

We heard another report on Ozzie today.  Because he’s been acting down in the dumps (according to my dad), my dad brought him into the office (he and my brother run a construction company so they work together daily).  My dad sent this email with the subject heading “Suspicious Activity”:


We had a guest in the office this morning and are investigating suspicious activity regarding this guest. R. had a bagel on her desk which disappeared and M. had his lunch of two chicken breasts on his desk which also vanished. As the investigation narrows down of which every one is in denial but one of the suspects is doing a lot of tail wagging. M. took said suspect to the dog groomers for a water board treatment  with soap and water till he confesses. If he comes clean and apologizes M. is going to take him to Petco so he can select a treat for himself.
Detective H.



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2 Responses to That’ll teach me…

  1. Maureen Witte says:

    I see you are having interesting adventures in your new home. A portable generator (like Alex has in his apt. bldg.) will probably be required. I’m sure you’ll have the “kinks” worked out before long, or at least you’ll get used to them, ha! Fun to hear about Ozzie’s story with the Holles! Could be he’ll show up on your doorstep too long (or they’ll get used to him too).

  2. Kimm X Jayne says:

    I think you’re right. Thom and I talked early this morning and decided if it happens two more times for 6 hours or more in the next 6 months, then we’ll buy one. They’re expensive!

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