Summer Garden

On Friday we started our garden here.  It’s a bit late, being the middle of summer, but summer here is the rainy season and cooler than the fall, which is their hot season.  We planted lettuce and basil to get started.

You wouldn’t believe it but the seeds sprouted by Monday (3 days) and today (Tuesday) there’s a whole row of little lettuces.  It’s magic!

We also started a compost heap, digging down a foot or so and then layering sticks, green matter, brown matter, and so forth.  Hopefully in 3-5 months we’ll have some nice compost to spread in the garden.










Outside our walls on the rest of the property, the owner’s mother and brother have started a full-fledged tomato enterprise.  The mother wanted to know if we had seeds for cherry tomatoes and I said once we get our shipment I’d check.  She’s a real hoot by the way.  She lived in Maryland for ten years working as a geriatric nurse and just returned to Zambia in October.  Her hobby is fused glass jewelry and she has a kiln being shipped here.  I thought that was amazing given I plan to do a lot of stained glass here. Here’s her tomato field.
















Over the weekend we also spent a lot of time getting our (very substantial) orchard into good shape.  It was completely infested with aphids and termites and now they’ve all gone to meet their maker and the fruit has a chance to grow healthy.  We just need to keep an eye on the trees and then spot spray with neem oil or pepper solution.

Well, our air shipment STILL has not been delivered. They say it’s in the country now but apparently the movers banded together two pieces on one pallet and listed it as “1 piece” on the bill of lading.  When the shipment was in London they apparently separated the pieces so two pieces arrived.  Of course, together they equal the 273 kilos shipped but separately neither matches the bill of lading and so the authorities are refusing to release it because they don’t match the documentation.  Our agent in Michigan has sent a letter explaining the situation and a very official looking document so hopefully that will do the trick and we’ll have our stuff tomorrow or Thursday.


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4 Responses to Summer Garden

  1. Lisa Murray-Johnson says:

    Can’t believe the garden sprouted that fast!!! That is incredible! After seeing the fruit on the trees, I”m jealous. Today, its gray and overcast, about 35 degrees with a few inches of snow on the ground. Seeing the fruit on the trees makes me crave some fresh limes for salsa and guac.

  2. Suzanne Sullivan says:

    What are the barrels for in the tomato garden? Watering? What is the soil like? It looks sandy- it is wonderful that your garden is already started. You are an impressive woman. S

  3. Shirley/Zoomer says:

    I can’t believe you don’t have any of your belongings yet! It’s good that you’re keeping busy with other things–i.e., gardening, etc. Have you been getting a lot of rain, for your garden to take off & grow? How is Buddy surviving? Does he miss Ozzie & Calla?

    It’s been in the low 70s here. Our condo is warmer than I’d like it, & it’s hard to get any cross ventilation. xoxo Shirley

  4. Mikey says:

    This time of year I’m so jealous of y’all in the southern hemisphere. If it were up to me, I’d split my time.

    Hope you get your stuff before you have to head back!

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