The Leaning Tower of Leopard’s Hill

The view from our kitchen window is lovely — our garden, orchard, and our leaning water tower.  The thing is, neither Thom nor I recall the tower as leaning as much as it is in the photo below when we moved in.  Earlier this week we decided to take a photo as a belated baseline.  I stood on our very level patio, lined up the camera perpendicular to the ground, and took this shot.

If the fence is level then the tower is definitely lower on the left side as compared to the right. There have been a lot of heavy rains so it seems plausible to me that the ground may have softened in places causing it to lean.  I’ve asked around if these things ever tip over and everyone gives a suitably vague shrug like, maybe, maybe not.

By the way, the water from this tower comes from a “borehole” — not a well.  Turns out there’s no difference between a borehole and a well.  A borehole is called a well in the U.S. and a well is called a borehole in Zambia.

Our water here is very heavy in lime, as you can see by the stains from overflow water on the side of the tower.  We’re not sure if the water’s safe to drink so we use only bottled water but the dogs, plants and locals seem to do fine on it.  Another thing I’m not sure of is how clean the water tank is.  I haven’t figured out how and/or where we can get our water tested but someday I hope to do so.  In Michigan I was a little paranoid about things like that so I got our water tested regularly and it always came out very good — a little heavy in iron (hard water) but no contamination of any sort from waste, pesticides or other pollutants.

Well, our landlord is coming to visit next week so we plan on getting his expert opinion regarding the tower.  He built the house so hopefully he’ll have a better baseline knowledge than we do.


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Gravatar Photograph from the exceptionally talented Ben Heine.
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