Last night Thom and I had a romantic evening planned of dinner, wine and then watching Entourage on my computer (which I had downloaded from Itunes).  About 4 pm the power went out, came on for just a second, then out again.  It did this two more times over the next three hours.  Recently, the power outages have been very short — one to three hours — so we weren’t worried about it.

Then it got dark.  I said, this is going to be a real drag if this goes on for much longer.  (I know, showing my age using the word “drag.”)  We didn’t touch our refrigerator because we wanted everything to stay cold.  On our observation deck we could see the lights cover three-quarters of Lusaka, and a complete blackout over the whole southeast corner.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, yesterday we had the most terrific thunderstorms yet with torrential rain.  No doubt the cause of the black out.

We lit a few candles and started up our small lantern but really, they’re not enough to read by.  Our computer batteries had long since died because remember, the blackout started at 4 pm and we were sure it would end by sundown.

So, we walked around our house again and again and again as if we were strolling miles in the countryside, admiring the southern star constellations, which are so different from the northern hemisphere constellations.  The most famous of the constellations here is the southern cross, easily visible even when we have full power at night.


I know my friend Angie at , who moved off-grid two years ago would be shaking her head and calling us wimps, but these outages are really, really getting old.  They happen when I’m in the middle of baking bread in our electric oven, they happen when I’ve just had a shower and want to blow-dry my hair, they happen right in the middle of a good book.

Thom and I are going to look into getting a small generator tomorrow.  We figure we only need it for our refrigerator, lights in the kitchen, lights in our bedroom and a socket or two for our computers.  I am feeling very cranky.


Kranky Kimm


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6 Responses to Blackout

  1. Gigi says:

    So funny… such inconveniences can sure be a bother. I made Mike buy a generator the second we moved into our home here on account of pending outages typical of island living and possible earthquakes/super typhoons that have hit here before. I feel like it is our good luck charm. In three years, we have never had to use it. He calls it a waste of money, I say it is our insurance. Get your generator and perhaps you too will have the same good luck. Better to be safe, than sorry!

  2. Kimm X Jayne says:

    We have an electrician here as we speak and Thom’s giving him the minimum requirements (fridge, a few lights, one socket to plug small things into).

    I’ve been reading all about the Japan quake this morning and feel bad for complaining that we had a 1-day power outage. There but for the grace of God.

  3. Lisa Murray-Johnson says:

    Okay, Kimm, I don’t usually respond to these, however, this is brought back a cute memory. Lisa & Jeff’s girls were at Nana Camp in Ann Arbor, and after a horrific storm, we were without power for almost two days. Out came the candles, etc. and we had ambiance with our meals, which were cooked on the grill. My brother’s generator was connected to my house with an orange cord, snaked through the house to the fridge. We disconnected to use the micro, or hair dryer, or lights. The girls got through our adventure and lived to tell the tale when Mom and Dad came! I REALLY know what you are going through, as we had this happen often until our transformer was replaced! Your dialog of your ‘new life’ is so intriging! I love it! Barb Murray

  4. Kimm X Jayne says:

    ahhhh, a grill…I think that’s part of what was bothering me is that we’ve been exactly three months now without any of our things, including a gas grill for use in power outages such as these. I miss having a nice chair to sit on, a dining room table and my desk! Yesterday we were talking to Thom’s parents on Skype and 1.13 minutes into the call, power outage. This time it only lasted about an hour. Hopefully our sea freight will be coming soon.

  5. Mikey says:

    Yep I think your neighbor the VP is falling out of favor. Time to invest in a generator!

  6. Mikey says:

    But at least you got to see the Southern Cross. It was hard to see from our location in Oz, bc the city lights were in the same direction; it sounds like your situation, too.

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