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Flour, Water, Salt, Starter

Who knew that four simple ingredients could yield such different flavors? Thought I’d share some of the loaves I’ve been making.  (And, they take less time to make than driving to the store and back, and, they taste like I … Continue reading

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The Chitenge

The common uniform of most local women here is the chitenge, a piece of fabric used as a skirt, a baby carrier, a bag, a tablecloth — you name it.  Here is our neighbor, Mr. Phiri, showing a chitenge of … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Okay, so it looks more like a mouse (and you know how I feel about them) than an Easter Bunny, but he’s still cute and I know the kids that come to our Easter dinner tomorrow will love him…

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About 9 pm tonight our chickens started squawking and shrieking like they used to in Michigan if there were a fox or raccoon in the henhouse.  I ran out just in time to see the guard prodding the BIGGEST rat … Continue reading

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As you’ve probably noticed, the soil here is really, really red. They say the red soil is very fertile but as my aunt says, it just looks so wrong!  All these years in Michigan we strove for that deep, rich … Continue reading

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The Lusaka Kennel Club

Everything I read about Boerboels said they were very strong-willed dogs that needed early obedience training and socialization.  I’ve trained lots of dogs but thought Coco could benefit from being in an obedience class with other dogs and people.  There … Continue reading

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How to find out what’s going on

There’s a great little magazine targeted toward ex-pats and long-term visitors called The Lowdown.  (Here’s their website, though it’s hopelessly out of date and hasn’t been updated in years.)  You can get it at any bookstore in town for less … Continue reading

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