The Lusaka Kennel Club

Everything I read about Boerboels said they were very strong-willed dogs that needed early obedience training and socialization.  I’ve trained lots of dogs but thought Coco could benefit from being in an obedience class with other dogs and people.  There was a little notice on our veterinarian’s bulletin board about dog obedience classes so I called it and Edwina said come to the showgrounds on Sunday at 11 am, bring your dog’s rabies certificate, and leave her in the car until we’ve confirmed she’s safe to bring onto the property.

Of course, I forgot Coco’s rabies certificate but fortunately our vet is a total workaholic and has her office on the showgrounds so I just ran over there, got a handwritten note and Coco was admitted to kindergarten.

The showgrounds is a big complex of buildings, restaurants, arenas, even a polo club area.  It’s right by the two big malls in town.  (Kind of strange to me that it’s right smack dab in the middle of everything.)

Once you’ve entered the showgrounds there are lots of little sideroads with no signs so either you need someone with you to tell you where to go or you have to stop and ask strangers on the street how to get to where you’re going (and half the time they give the wrong directions).  I just drove down every road, systematically, until I found it.  It’s well labeled once you arrive!

It’s quite a nice doggy complex.

There’s a shaded area where you can sit and eat snacks, benches for viewing classes, dog pens (there on the right), and even water bowls.

Edwina is the main teacher and in charge.  She bakes doggy training treats out of liver and other things dogs love and sells them very cheaply.

That’s Edwina in the yellow shirt teaching some classes.  When Coco first met her she was terrified of Edwina’s fanny pack, but since it contained the treats she came to accept it after a class or two.

We started off with about 10 dogs for the 6-week puppy obedience class but only three of us made it through to the end.  After learning the basic commands it really is up to the owner to practice daily with the puppy so I think people dropped out when the classes became practice instead of learning new things.

One of the best parts about coming is the doggy park right next to the work arena.  Many of us came half an hour early all through the 6-week course and let our puppies run and play.  This is the main reason I brought Coco — to make sure she was socialized with other dogs.  I brought Buddy last week and he held his own with all of these large-breed puppies.

Sam, the German Shepherd puppy below, is a wild child.  He likes to take a running start and then rolls the other puppies, including Coco.  Though Sam and Coco started off the same size several weeks back, Coco’s at least a third larger now.

Coco and Tembo (the puppy with the red collar above) were always so exhausted from the pre-class play that we’d have a hard time getting them to sit, for example, because they’d already be laying down.  Though classes have been over for a couple of weeks now, several of us still meet at 11 am on Sundays to allow the dogs time to play.

When we started the classes Coco was afraid to get in and out of the car.  Now, she jumps in like an old pro.

This last photo has nothing to do with the kennel club.  The other day Buddy disappeared for a long time and finally he came out of the guest bedroom with this pillow in his mouth (one side says “nice” and the other says “naughty”).  He knows he’s not supposed to take pillows off the bed so we thought it was pretty funny that he just naturally came out with the “naughty” side right side up.

You would never believe he’s 11 years old!  Our vet thinks he’ll live to at least 20.


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Gravatar Photograph from the exceptionally talented Ben Heine.
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102 Responses to The Lusaka Kennel Club

  1. Cheryl says:

    Kimm – love the stories (and pictures) about your dogs. We had to say goodbye to our miniature Schnauzer last October 25. She was 15 1/2, and I still miss her so much. I am tempted to get another one when I see your cute dogs. But we’re both resisting–we like to do some traveling, and it’s always an issue to find someone to take care of them. Heaven forbid I would put my dog in the kennel!!

    • Kimm X Jayne says:

      Sorry to hear about your Schnauzer! Terrible what happened to Larry’s dog too. The Holles must love dogs — I still remember always trying to make friends with Tiny and that he would bite us and Grandma would put him away. We’ve never, ever put our dogs in a kennel either. We have housesitters come and watch them and the house.

    • Carol says:

      How very sad for you, I am sorry. I also lost my Miniature Schnauzer last November, to a snake bite – I cannot describe the loss.

      • Kimm X Jayne says:

        so sorry to hear this! What kind of snake? Thankfully, our dog only got spit on in the eye by a cobra and since we rinsed it for 20 minutes immediately after, had no permanent damage.

        • Carol says:

          We think it was a cobra but didn’t get a good look at it; it was slithering off into the bush by the time we got there. Mercifully it was very quick and I think he really had no idea what had happened.

  2. Angela Kuncaitis says:

    LOVE the naughty picture!!!!

  3. Amanda Rigterink says:

    I am SO happy that you are doing this for Coco! This is so important for puppy socialization.

  4. Maureen Witte says:

    Buddy is just too cute. That picture is priceless!

  5. Rita says:

    Hi everybody!
    I have arrived in Zambia just several month ago. I would like to buy a puppy who will be not a big dog. But I do not know where I can buy puppy. Maybe you can help me?

  6. Kimm X Jayne says:

    Hi Rita — welcome! If you go to Dr. Liza Oparaocha’s vet clinic on the showgrounds (across from Manda Hill Shopping Center) she has a bulletin board with all kinds of puppies for sale. I know there are some small ones up there like Malteses and I think Dachshunds. Good luck.

  7. Rita says:

    Thank you!!!!!! ))))))

  8. Chris Mwanza says:

    I am glad to know that we have such a facility in Lusaka. What are the charges for training puppies? What is the recommended age? Does the curriculum touch on guard dog training?

    • Kimm X Jayne says:

      Edwina charges 250,000 kwatcha (about $50) for a six week course. I think the recommended age is 4 months. Edwina teaches lots of other classes, like agility and advanced obedience. I’m not sure if she does guard dog training but you can email her and ask:

  9. Aarons says:

    i am in Kenya and I am looking for a mature male boerboel suitable for stud, I will be coming to Zambia soon to collect if one is available

  10. chris says:

    Hi All,

    I and family are due to arrive in Lusaka end Jan 2012 and we are hoping to get a German Shepherd puppy for our 5 year old asd son to help him. Can some one point me in the right direction of a good breeder of this breed in around Lusaka we were thinking of bringing one out from UK with us but feel it’s better to find one in Zambia.

    • Kimm X Jayne says:

      Hi Chris — I was just in Dr. Liza’s office last week and think I saw German Shepherd puppies for sale. The problem getting it here though is that German Shepherds (and Rottweilers) here are bred to be guard dogs, not family dogs. If you want to be sure to get a family dog that also is protective you might be better off getting one in the UK. You can email Dr. Liza and ask her opinion — Good luck!

  11. chris says:

    Many thanks for this // I shall contact Dr Liza once I get to Lusaka..

  12. melissa gowland says:

    Hi All!
    I am enjoying reading your blog, thank you! Do you know if we (my 4month rottie and i!) will be able to join the sunday morning club in january? Do you know if the 6 week training/socialising courses are at set periods or can we join at any time?
    Hope to hear back from you,

  13. Toni Myburgh says:

    Hi all,
    We have just arrived in Zambia, and would like to get a Duchshund, shorthaired. If anyone knows of puppies that are available, or a mature female that is spayed that needs a home please let me know
    Thanx Toni

    • Kimm X Jayne says:

      I think I saw Dachshunds for sale on the bulletin board at Dr. Liza’s (in the showgrounds) last week. You might check there. Welcome!

      • Toni Myburgh says:

        Thank you so much, If anyone goes to Dr. Lisa’s, please could someone get the number of the dachshunds, as I am Located in Serenji. I would be very grateful as I need four paws running around my house.

  14. Divine musenge says:

    Your story is so touching i had to read it over and over looking for a stud male rottweiler can you happen to know any rottweiler breeder in lusaka.please email me the contact number if possible.

  15. Anthony says:

    Hi I live in Lusaka and would like to know the best place to buy a German Shepherd (Bitch) puppy? I have checked Liza’s board but there are none advertised for sale!! Great site by the way!

  16. Milandu Sichikolo says:

    Hi Kimm,
    I am Milandu Sichikolo and i live in Emmasdale. I am looking to buy an already trained guard dog. I tried to send an email to Dr. Liza but its not going through,kindly on

  17. Milandu Sichikolo says:

    Thanx alot Kimm, I will go and see her during the week

  18. mangolwa says:

    I wnated to ask where can I buy a german sherpad or an alsation in lusaka zambia.

  19. Aaron soko says:

    How much puppies

  20. Makarand S Sorte says:

    hi Kimm howz u have not seen you in club with COCO for long this is mak we met at the club i have a german shepard if you remeber Sam.

    • Kimm X Jayne says:

      yes, I do remember! Coco has made the long trek back to the U.S. and is thriving in the northwoods of Michigan. Instead of chasing lizards she’s chasing squirrels and deer and feeling very important when they run from her. Hope you’re doing well!

  21. Ronel Moolman says:

    Hello, I arrived in Zambia last Sunday. I am quite lonely – my family stayed in SA (hopefully to join me in December). I am looking for a puppy – I really need some company!

    • Kimm X Jayne says:

      Oh, sorry to hear this! If you go to Dr. Liza Oparaocha’s office in the Showgrounds has listings for puppies. I’m sure you’ll find a friend there. Also, if you take your puppy to the kennel club on sundays for classes you’ll meet people. That’s how I met my first friends in Zambia. Dr. Liza’s office can give you Edwina’s number for the kennel club. Good luck!

  22. Kenneth says:

    I love dogs and i realy want to work with you.

  23. Rakhi Sahi says:

    Hi ! I am arriving in Lusaka on the 2 Nov to live there for 4 years. Me and my husband will love to get a puppy of mid sized good looking breed. Kindly advise and help. Rakhi

  24. Rakhi Sahi says:

    Hi ! I am arriving in Lusaka on the 2 Nov to live there for 4 years. Me and my husband will love to get a puppy of mid sized good looking breed. Kindly advise and help. Rakhi

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’m kassem I’m leaving on kitwe and I’m looking for a fllufy puppies and I diden’t found plz can u help me from wher I can found thanks…

  26. Nicky Patel says:

    Hello Everyone. I am looking for a Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese Or Long Haired Chihuahua. Please assist me in getting Information on anyone having these types of dogs

  27. Heiko Held says:

    Hi Friends, my beloved dashund was caught by a crocodil!
    I desperatly need a replacemnet (female dashund puppy) before my daughter comes back, or it will break her heart!!
    Please help!!

  28. Maryna says:

    Hi there! My husband and I are moving to Lusaka (from Cape Town, South Africa) in February. We have two Staffies, and would firstly want to know if anyone know what is the process to get them there and if they have to stand in quarentine, etc. And both of them are registered in SA and we sometimes show with them. Are there shows in Zam for staffies?

  29. cappelle philiep says:


    I am looking for a real german shepper puppy male or female.

    Does somebody knows where I can buy one in Zambia.


    PG Cappelle

  30. kirby musonda says:


    I am from Ndola, were can i find Dog training here in ndola?

  31. Richard says:

    Where can I find a total pure Great dane.Am looking for puppies info me at 0966805188

    • Kirby Musonda says:

      Hi Richard,

      I will be having litters in the next few weeks ” Pure Greatdane” am based in ndola, will keep you posted.

  32. Kirby Musonda says:

    Boerboel puppies for sale $400 each, location ndola 3 females remaning only mobile 0966566326

    • Nina says:

      Hi, My brother-in-law is looking for female boerboel, could you please send a picture of the litter to my email as shown before. or contact me.
      Thanx so much

  33. Ashok says:

    Hello , i am looking for a Male BoerBoel puppy ( pure bred) Please get in touch with me on 0964 70 59 08. Ashok

  34. Merle says:

    Hello, I am looking for a Rotti Female and a BoerBoel Female. Please email if you have any for sale.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I want a boerboel. Don’t have money to buy one but I love that dog

  36. Mwewa Mushimba says:

    i’m interested in a female fluffy puppy like buddy…how much would she be???

  37. Kirby Musonda says:

    Email us contact mobile +260 966566326, + 260 955 566337 for puppies ndola bassed

  38. gerald says:

    hello how much does it cost to buy a german shephard puppy? my line is 0969640600

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hi there,am selling German shepherd puppies 3 weeks old,pure breed. Contact me on 0966948727, my name is Chungu.

  40. Kirby Musonda says:

    Boerboel puppies for sale going cheaply kr 1500, location ndola. Call on 0966566326/ 0955566326 serious buyers only no time wasters please. Ready to go on 29.12.13 book now.

  41. Kirby Musonda says:

    Need a Boerboel puppy, going cheaply kr 1500, location ndola. WhatsApp me on 0966566326 or bbm 24C18C96

  42. Kirby Musonda says:

    Greatdane puppies copperbelt contact 0955566326 WhatsApp 0966566326, serious pips only.

  43. Vincent Kaunda says:

    Looking for German Shepard Puppies please call 0977565026

  44. mwansa says:

    hello any one with german shephed puppied? for free plz give me one and if you have call 0977879659 (or 0967879659

  45. Douglas Hampande says:

    Hi, looking for German Shepherd male puppy. Contact me on 0977571219 or 0963898729.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi its you who wants a puppy, so it’s you to call. 0977/0955-566326

    • Anonymous says:

      Douglas sorry just realised that this is a open conversation and might not be directed to me, but u can still call if u in need. Thanks

  46. musonda simmions says:

    How much is dog traing and were is your club located?

  47. Anonymous says:

    I have pure pedigree beorbeol puppies for sale to loving homes.they are really number is 0965606010

  48. Hannes says:

    Hello i am looking for Great Dane Puppies.

  49. alex sakala says:

    I really need to get a puppy germs shepherd kindly assist

  50. kirbymusonda says:

    Got a litter, WhatsApp me or call on 0977566326. Location. Ndola

  51. kirbymusonda says:

    Got American bulldog X American pit bull terrier pups, if any interested whatsapp or cal 0977566326

  52. kirbymusonda says:

    Did you get your GSD, got puppies. Location ndola. +260977566326 or whatsapp me

  53. kirbymusonda says:

    A year old male English pointer X American bulldog very energetic dog, good family pet, if you have a big yard or preferably at a farm, his got instincts of hunting as well, as mother is English pointer, interested call or whatsapp me for viewing +260977566326. Ndola

  54. row says:

    Would like to know how much a pure bred german shephard costs

  55. kirbymusonda says:

    Male dog neutering, otherwise known as sterilisation, “fixing”, desexing, castration (castrating) or by its correct veterinary name: orchiectomy (also termed gonadectomy), is the surgical removal of a male dog’s testicles for the purposes of canine population control, medical health benefit, genetic-disease control and behavioral modification. Considered to be a basic component of responsible pet ownership, the neutering of male dogs is a common surgical procedure that is performed by most veterinary clinics all over the world. In this month of October 2014, I in Conjunction with some Veterinary Clinic will be conducting a promotion @ kr150 per dog, spread the word to people needing the service. Many thanks, location ndola 0977566326

  56. Gabriel says:

    I am looking for German Sheperd puppies. Please give me a call if you have, my cell is 096 2554890, Ndola area

    • henry paulstanley says:

      Anyone that knows where I can get the best GSD stud, preferably the long type (length) and long haired if possible. Or pedigree GSD pup on the show-lines side/ I would be grateful, my whatsapp 0973818165 henry

  57. sam says:

    Hi, I’m SO hoping someone can help me in Kenneling my beautiful fury,4 legged family memebers. We have a Boerbull mix and 2 american staffi’s.

    We are moving to zambia soon, and its VERY soon, december..and we still have no luck with kenneling our dogs. They need to be kenneld for what mite be 2-3 months while we set up our house and settle in.

    PLEASE,this is an urgent cry for help, I cant leave them behind. But I also cannot afford some of the prices iv seen so far. I only need 2 kennels as the boerbul and one staffie will always be together, and another kennel for the other staffie, as she doesn’t mind to much.
    How much are ur kennels and is ther a possibility of some discount as they will be staying long?

    Best regards

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