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Touring Dominica

When I tell people that my son is in Dominica, almost everyone asks if he speaks Spanish, which tells me they’re thinking of the Dominican Republic, which is the other half of Haiti — a long ways away.  Dominica is … Continue reading

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Sights around Dominica

Well, I know I’m terribly behind in postings but those nine legs of air travel (so far!) caught up with me and I got a nasty cold.  Fortunately, it only lasted three days.  To hedge my bets I used all … Continue reading

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Day 2 in Paradise

Alex started his first day of clinicals so Thom and I had to figure out what to do all by ourselves.  I thought laying in the hammock by the beach with my Kindle sounded divine but by the time I … Continue reading

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The first 24 hours in paradise

After six flight legs (Lusaka -> Addis Ababa -> Rome -> Washington DC -> Miami -> Puerto Rico -> Dominica), two days, and more miles than my jet-lagged brain can add up, Alex, his lovely girlfriend Stephanie and most importantly … Continue reading

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Our Ethiopia Airlines flights were fantastic.  Good food (as long as you stuck to chicken), seats that slid forward when you reclined so you actually got about 5 more inches, on time (early for two flights!), and a personal video … Continue reading

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Western Hemisphere Bound

This morning we take off for a three-week trip to the Western Hemisphere.  First, we’re going to the Caribbean Island of Dominica in the West Indies to visit our oldest, who’s doing his clinicals for medical school in the capital … Continue reading

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The same flowers world wide

The flowers out here in the savannah are gorgeous.  Every month there’s a new variety blooming. Last month was fox gloves. This month it’s holly hocks (these are growing wild, mind you). About the same time the hollyhocks started blooming … Continue reading

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