The first 24 hours in paradise

After six flight legs (Lusaka -> Addis Ababa -> Rome -> Washington DC -> Miami -> Puerto Rico -> Dominica), two days, and more miles than my jet-lagged brain can add up, Alex, his lovely girlfriend Stephanie and most importantly our granddog Kala picked us up at a very rural airport late Sunday afternoon.  We drove straight to a restaurant about ten minutes away at Pagua Bay.  Dominica is a gorgeous island — it’s where the original Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.

Thom had ceviche, Stephanie had a fish sandwich, Alex had jerk chicken, and I had chocolate ice cream.  I was just a little hungry so skipped straight to dessert.  Driven to madness by my delighted moans over the home-made ice cream (that I wouldn’t share), Thom and Stephanie each had scoops for dessert too.

A hummingbird friend joined us for lunch — see him in the middle of this next photograph?  This type of hummingbird exists only on Dominica.

Here’s a cropped and blown-up photo.

Then we drove about an hour on a corkscrew narrow road lined with banana, grapefruit, coffee, and guava trees on one side and the beach on the other (until we cut through the gorge and then we just crossed over rivers).  It’s really difficult to go more than 30 mph on these basically single-lane roads plus you’re always having to pull over so cars going the opposite direction can pass.

Finally we made it to Stephanie’s home, high on a hill overlooking Picard, Ross University and the ocean.  Some medical students really suffer, huh?

We said our goodbyes and then Alex drove us on to Roseau, the capital of Dominica and about another hour away.  He’s moved from Picard to Roseau to start his clinical training.  He has the most gorgeous apartment he shares with Eden (German) and Tim (Canadian) but I forgot my camera.  I’m hoping we have time to go back there so I can take photos of it.

Finally we arrived at the Fort Young Hotel.  We ate on the hotel restaurant veranda, which hangs over the beach, right where the waves break.  After dinner Alex went home to prepare for his first day of clinicals while Thom and I plotted what we wanted to do while he was in class.

Next entry:  Our adventures at Trafalgar Falls, Titou Gorge and downtown Roseau.


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3 Responses to The first 24 hours in paradise

  1. Mikey says:

    Sounds like you’re having fun. Enjoy!

  2. Andrea Melius says:

    Hi – you don’t know me, but I’m feelling like I know you. I visited Zambia (Chipata) in October and fell in love with the country and the people. I’m retired and have considered moving there. Researching that prospect caused me to run into your blog. Your stories are fascinating. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m still undecided. Not sure how a 60+ year old woman living alone in Zambia would fare, but I am seriously considering it. A Zambian friend from Lusaka is coming here (Washington State) in October. I hope to discuss with him and get a perspective on living in Zambia.

    Again, thanks for sharing … Andrea Melius

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