Touring Dominica

When I tell people that my son is in Dominica, almost everyone asks if he speaks Spanish, which tells me they’re thinking of the Dominican Republic, which is the other half of Haiti — a long ways away.  Dominica is pronounced “dom-i-NEE-kah,” as compared to “do-MIN-i-ca” — it’s easy to remember if you think that the French once called it Dominique.

Dominique (as in Dominica)  is just south of Guadalupe and just north of Martinique — all part of the West Indies.  For the geographically-challenged, here’s a map of the Caribbean. DomiNIca is about 15 degrees north on the bottom right.  (As an aside, Lusaka is 15 degrees south.)

Alex spent his first 1.5 years in Portsmouth, on the northwest part of the island.  Now he’s in Roseau (the capital), on the southwest part of the island.

Alex was a fantastic host.  He’d be super busy learning how to put on casts or demonstrating intubations by day and then late afternoon he’d pick us up for some island adventure.  One day he took us to Scotts Head, the southern-most tip of Dominica.  You can see Martinique from the viewing point.

Alex said it was just a 10-15 minute walk so I didn’t bother to put on hiking clothes and up we went.

Of course, Kala led the way.

Okay, I guess it would have been useful to have worn hiking shoes and pants.

Rest stop for Kala.

We made it!

To the very tip-top.

What a view!


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2 Responses to Touring Dominica

  1. Lisa Murray-Johnson says:

    Dress and sandals for hiking–could start a new trend because you looked good doing it. What views! Wow–amazing. Can I just find a beach and sleep on that island for a week! Really–I think soaking up those views would take up all my time, except for pina colada breaks. Nice job Alex–you make the rest of us look like schmucks for what we do with our parents. I can take my mom to lunch or dinner, but I can’t take her on the hike of her lifetime on a gorgeous mountainside. Kimm you have all of these amazing picture and I’m sure you’re memories of this trip for a long time.

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