Life’s tough…

Life’s tough for students studying in the Caribbean for their first medical step test.  My son’s thought processes…hmmm, should I study on the beach today…no, too sandy…how about the cafe that overhangs the ocean? Nah, can’t take a swim or surf for a break.  The waterfalls?  Too wet.  I know!  I’ll sail to the secret beach with Kala (my loyal doggie companion) and set up a study camp there.  Maybe some friends can bring some beer and hamburgers later…Yeah, that sounds good.

Ever since I heard of the “secret beach,” accessible only by water, I’ve wanted to visit us.  Alex and his girlfriend Stephanie (always eager to do what their parents want) decided to take us ocean kayaking to get there.

We arrived at the rental facility late one afternoon.

No one was there but Alex is such a regular that he just left them a note.  (He definitely feels “jah love” – sans the little green plant.)

Unfortunately, there were only three kayaks so Thom and Stephanie took the kayaks and Alex and I took a sailboat.  (I was secretly relieved — I prefer a two-person kayak, preferably with a strong, muscular man in the fore.)

Just a hint — if you meet Stephanie in a dark alley just give up now.  This is one strong 100 lb. woman.  You should see her delts!  Watch as she outpaces Thom here.

Alex showed me his impressive sailing skills.

The secret beach has tidepools and lots of rocks to climb.

Stephanie and I enjoyed watching the men do the heavy lifting.

The cove surrounding the secret beach.

That evening Alex drove us to Pagua Bay where we all had a great dinner and then stayed in a wonderful bungalow with a tin roof.  The raindrops were so loud on it that I couldn’t even hear the TV though it was turned up to a 97 for volume (out of a scale of 1-100).  The next morning we caught our flights back to the U.S.

Thanks Alex and Stephanie for a wonderful visit!  Good luck on your medical exams.


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Gravatar Photograph from the exceptionally talented Ben Heine.
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7 Responses to Life’s tough…

  1. Mikey says:

    Good to read more about your trip. I love sailing (haven’t since my underfed days in San Diego). But I do have a tandem kayak.

  2. Lauren says:


    I am moving to Lusaka in late August, and stumbled across your blog whilst trying to get a feel for the country – So thank you for such great insights! I have now got slightly more idea what to expect, although I am still quite nervous!


  3. Lauren says:

    Ah sorry – Northern english slang – It means on my own.

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