On second thought…SuperSpar at Arcades Shopping Center

I had to run out to the Arcades Shopping Center today because the universal adapter I bought from a store there on Friday did not work unless one twisted it and shoved it under the couch cushions and sat on it unmoving so it wouldn’t lose its connection. (I’m awfully stiff from sitting motionless in one place all weekend [except for our side trip to Fringilla, to be posted later].) The folks at the computer store happily replaced the defective cord (or “cable” as they call it here).

Since I was at Arcades I thought I’d stop in the SuperSpar grocery store (to the left an old photo taken at Christmas of the pavilion in front of the store entrance).  I take back what I say about Pick n Pay being my favorite — this grocery store is just as good and you can get a lot of things you can’t get at Pick n Pay.  There were kilo bags of pecans, slivered almonds, about 15 different kinds of vinegars, every type of sweetener you could want, even L&P Worcestershire (although it was about $14 for a bottle!).  It’s much cleaner and bigger and nicer than the Spar at Crossroads.  The only disadvantage is that it’s twice as far away as the Kabulonga/Woodlands stores and down two-lane roads where the traffic can be brutal (Alick Nkhata and Thabo Mbeki streets).

In the same shopping center there’s a stand-alone ZamBeef store.  I had mentioned in an earlier post that when I had bought Zambeef at a grocery store it still had that same icky bleach-processing smell and flavor. In this store I asked if I could smell a small piece of their hamburger (they call it “mince”).  The sales clerk said it was not allowed.  I said, I’ll buy it, can I have a marble size piece?  After further use of my persuasion skills (I must be rusty, it took a while) he finally relented as long as I promised to buy what I smelled.  I smelled it and it was fine, so I bought a kilo.  I guess the meats to stay away from are the ones processed and packaged in the large-chain grocery stores.

I’m working on a map of the town to show people where these common ex-pat stores are and hope to post it in the next few weeks.  Tomorrow I’m off to an apparently huge farmer’s market on the southwest side of town where we can allegedly buy bags of limes.  I’ve only been able to find limes about one time out of ten that I look for them so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this market offers a steady supply!


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4 Responses to On second thought…SuperSpar at Arcades Shopping Center

  1. Maureen Witte says:

    Love your posts! Keep them coming!

  2. Mikey says:

    What do the locals eat?

  3. Heather Cline says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog. SO informative and I’m feeling much more prepared for my upcoming move to Lusaka, thanks to you! I can’t wait to have you over for dinner.

  4. Lisa Murray-Johnson says:

    I”m just glad that you found a place with good meat. That bleach smell would just drive me crazy. I keep trying to picture what the drive must be like down some of these roads, based on your prior posts and have a feeling nothing quite prepares you for the first time 🙂

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