Scenes around town

The bed of any truck — be it a pick-up, dump truck, or animal hauling truck — never goes to waste.  People stand at the side of the road and wave their hands low by their hips, like they’re shaking off water or something, and that means you’re supposed to stop and give them a ride as far as you’re going.









I was raised in the days were your parents terrified you with stories about what happened to people who picked up hitchhikers (usually centered around dismemberment and remote deserts), so the only people I’ve ever picked up were people I know like our guard or gardener.


There are always flowers blooming around here.  We’re considered in the dead of winter now and would you look at this poinsettia?!








Those puny pathetic things sold curbside at Christmas are a distant memory here.  These poinsettias are bona fide trees and gorgeous.  They also bloom longer than I remember our Christmas poinsettias blooming.


About Kimm X Jayne

Gravatar Photograph from the exceptionally talented Ben Heine.
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