2 Men, +1 Bag, -1 Bag

To continue from last night, Ryan and Bibi finally located Eric in the airport transit hotel. Problem was that Ryan was no longer in transit, having left the hotel, so they would not let him back in until he had a boarding pass in hand and had passed security.  Bibi, whom I’ve never met but Thom has,  took Ryan home, put him up for the night (at like 10.30 pm), and then brought him back to the airport like at 4.30 am.  Unlike we Jaynes, who simply slow our car to a crawl, boot the kid out and blow kisses, she parked, escorted him around the airport, and made sure he was well through security before going back to check on his luggage, and only then she went home.  Can you believe it?  There are such GOOD people in the world and we are grateful to her for helping a total stranger.  Thanks Bibi! We owe you big time.

Ryan enjoyed getting to know Bibi, however briefly, and really got a kick out of the fact that they both had graduated from East Lansing High School.  He also was amazed to see how the other half lived.  His reaction to her home (like mine, and I’ve only seen photos) was, “is this a hotel?”  (I stole this photo from Neli’s facebook album of visit to Johannesburg; that’s Nel cutting roses in the back lawn of the “house” with her niece.)











Poor Ryan, it was a real let-down when he saw the shanty we live in here in Lusaka.

Anyways, Thom and I were thrilled to see Eric and Ryan walk down the stairs of the little Airlink plane they had taken from Johannesburg.  Of course, they made us hold our breath for a while because they were the last ones off!  (Why do our children like to make us suffer so?)  Eric came out of customs right away, with a sleepy smile and his big purple suitcase in tow.  Ryan spent the next half hour at the luggage desk, filing a claim for his missing bag (see him in the center of the photo below, in the black shirt, under the photo of the trolley).


We’re beginning to think Eric has a secret lucky charm on him.

Thom and Ryan went back this evening to see if his luggage had come and no such luck.  We’re hopeful it will show up tomorrow and prayerful that everything that he packed is still in it.


Ryan and Eric were suitably impressed with the homestead and after a shower and change of clothes (or in Ryan’s case, the acquisition of dad’s clothes), we took off for the Ag Show, which is like the county fair here.



As you can see in this photo, it was super crowded with cars snaking way out past the gate (the people on the sidewalks had just given up driving in and walked from afar).  The quintuple lines to the actual show entrance reached back half a football field, so we said, forget this, and we went to the Polo Grill (sits on an actual polo field) for a late lunch.

The Polo Grill must be a fine dining establishment given their rules, in the photo below.  We were a little worried that they wouldn’t let the boys in, given they were both under 25 and Eric’s clothes violated half of their rules, but since it was before 7 pm they assured us we were safe.







The photo below shows Thom taking a very important call, no doubt from Geithner wanting advice on how to handle the debt ceiling.  Eric’s in the middle and that’s Ryan on the right in Thom’s clothes. He looks pretty good in them!  He kept saying how much he liked the watch he had borrowed from Thom.  We’re going to frisk him before he goes back to the states.








By the time we got home it was already 3.30 pm so the guys played frisbie.







Then, Ryan and Eric went on a bike ride with hopes of seeing wild animals or at least persons in loin clothes (they’ve been watching too much Animal Planet).  Of course, they were sorely disappointed to see everyone fully clothed and shod, and only stray dogs and dairy cows and goats — not too much different from what they’d see on a bike ride south of the Lansing area.

They both managed to stay up until about 9 pm — impressive after traveling for two days with very little time for anything but catnaps on airplanes.  We’re glad they made it and hope Ryan’s luggage makes it tomorrow!  (I have a vested interest in his luggage making it — I had ordered and shipped lots of baking and cake decorating supplies to his place that he brought with him, inspired by my friend Glo!)


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2 Responses to 2 Men, +1 Bag, -1 Bag

  1. Lulama says:

    Too funny Kimm…but one point of clarification…the big house belongs to our older sister Svieta; not Bibi – I know, there are so many of us running around…we’re like cockroaches 🙂

    Bibi is a bit more bohemian and likes to live among “the people”, so to speak. She was house-sitting for Svi.

  2. Kimm X Jayne says:

    Thanks Lu and thanks to you for your help too. Is the niece in your photo your sister Svi’s? Hmmmm, by my count there’s only 6 sisters — yes?

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