One of my husband’s colleagues, Margaret, frequently comes to Zambia for 1-2 month assignments.  Before she comes she always sends emails to all of the ex-pats in the office asking if we’d like her to bring us something.  You cannot imagine how appreciated this is!  Sometimes you find yourself missing the littlest things — things like plastic sheet protectors (for recipes), dobie scrubbing pads (the only type I ever bought in the U.S. which are not available here), tapioca pudding mixes (Thom’s favorite dessert of all time) — so it’s nice to have someone willing to bring them to the other side of the world for you.

This time I hesitantly asked her if she’d have room for a pair of running shoes.  Bless her soul, she said yes!  (Though they were bulky they were light, and she said she was more concerned with weight limits on this trip.)

I had noticed that my poor shoes that have absorbed half the soil in Lusaka had gone really flat.  Apparently you’re supposed to change your shoes every 200-300 miles and I had gone at least double that in these.

Have I mentioned we live a couple of kilometers back on dusty red dirt roads?  I’m always a little concerned when we go through customs because so much of Africa is embedded in these shoes.

For the first time I understood our two youngest sons’ excitement about getting new athletic shoes!  Look at how beautiful they are.

They felt great on and there was a definite difference in support and bounce.  They were so shiny white and new that I was having a hard time taking those first steps out the door.  Would they soon look like the old ones?


Well, I finally put vanity away and went for a great 5k run on the rusty dusty roads.  At the end I thought, gosh, these feel so good, maybe I’ll do 10k today, but then I came to my senses and turned into our driveway.

After just one run you can already see the red dust gathering on the soles…sigh…





And here they are a week later…








Thanks Margaret!


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Gravatar Photograph from the exceptionally talented Ben Heine.
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One Response to Shoes

  1. Maureen Witte says:

    You can wash them in the washing machine, you know. I do it all the time. At least the dirt disappears. Works great! Try it!

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