Ozzie – The Red Carpet Celebrity

My brother sent this update about Ozzie’s Halloween weekend…

Saturday afternoon [October 29] we decided to visit the Dog Daze Halloween pet event at our local mall. Since it was a pet event we put Oz’s therapy vest on and headed over there to get him some ‘people’ time. On the way out the door, I grabbed his fishnet stockings and tu-tu costume.


Before the crowds arrived we staked out a comfortable bench with a piece of turf so Oz could network with his peeps. 


The event sponsor came up and asked us if we would enter him in the costume contest later that evening. Since we had nothing planned and had brought part of his costume minus the purple hair piece, we figured we might as well sign him up.

He was a hit with everyone.







At 5:30 PM Oz got in line for the cat walk. By now there were several hundred people in the courtyard and at least 75 contestants. Some of these entrants went all out with the owners wearing matching costumes with their mutts.







Finally, it was Oz’s turn and the announcer called him up to the red carpet. He pranced down, throwing adoring glances to his fans.






When it was over we thought we’d stick around and see who won. We hung at the back of the crowd, so we could make a quick escape when it was all over.


The announcer called up all the mutts and ankle biters that won 5th through 2nd place prizes. 

Then, they announced the grand champ. Oz of course!


He pranced back up the red carpet again and collected a basket of dog treats, which were placed in his doggie treat trust fund since he’s not capable of moderation…


Oz spent an hour on the carpet for the after-show meet & greet. He finally decided the photographers could take his pictures while he lay down.

I didn’t think of bringing the camera so the pictures are from a very cheap cell phone. One of the photographers there promised to email us some real pictures. I’ll forward them when we get them.


They never got any professional photos so I decided to go ahead and post this.  I’m sure the old gang on Sylvan Glen can hardly believe this is the same obnoxious critter who lived with us.










About Kimm X Jayne

Gravatar Photograph from the exceptionally talented Ben Heine. http://www.flickr.com/photos/benheine/3794765860/
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4 Responses to Ozzie – The Red Carpet Celebrity

  1. mbasil says:

    Wow, Oz really living the life in SoCal. I’m jealous!

  2. Bonnie B says:

    Oz, you look gorgeous. I can’t wait to see you do Swan Lake, with real swans.

  3. Sandy says:

    Incredible!!!! Way to go Ozzie. I say you have a pretty good life.

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