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On our way from Wickenburg (where my mom lives) to Sedona, we passed “Arcosanti,” which is billed as some sort of eco-village/sustainable living-type complex (no one could really describe it). On our way back we decided to stop there for … Continue reading

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44 Hours to the Christmas Spirit

It hasn’t seemed like the Christmas season at all here in Zambia.  It’s hot for one thing, there’s not an embroidered reindeer sweatshirt in sight, and there are no Christmas tree farms or lots with wreaths.  The stores do put … Continue reading

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Day 3 of No Power

Due to a terrific thunder/rain/wind storm on Friday we’ve been without power going on our third day now.  It really sucks.  Thank God we have the generator which lasts an amazingly long time (like 15 hours on ~1 gallon of … Continue reading

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Mozzarella! (and a Digression into our Community Garden)

As some of you know we lived in Italy 2006-2007.  Er, I should say, we lived in Rome, which is more like a southern/eastern Europe enclave prone to strikes, bureaucracy, gridlock traffic, corruptness, graffiti, pollution, and great food!  In fact, … Continue reading

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Sourcing Milk for Cheesemaking

A few weeks ago I was able to take a cheesemaking class at a local restaurant where we learned to make mozzarella, complete with stretching and brining.  The class was a bit of a whirlwind with ~8 participants completing all … Continue reading

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Generating Power!

For a week or so we’ve been having consistent power outages of about 4 – 6 hours a day.  First, they started off every 2nd or 3rd day and then the last three days it’s been every day. Thom told … Continue reading

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Whitewater Rafting (again!)

One of the must-do things for any adrenaline junkie in Zambia is to whitewater raft the Zambezi.  As you heard last time Ryan, Thom and Eric (who announced a quarter way through the trip that he did not know how … Continue reading

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