Day 3 of No Power

Due to a terrific thunder/rain/wind storm on Friday we’ve been without power going on our third day now.  It really sucks.  Thank God we have the generator which lasts an amazingly long time (like 15 hours on ~1 gallon of diesel).  I put it on for 3-4 hours and then take a break for 3-4 hours.  It powers our refrigerator, ~6 outlets (including the internet and wireless outlets of course!), the kitchen lights and Thom’s office lights.  We would have lost everything in our refrigerator without it and I might have died a slow withdrawal death if we didn’t have the internet.  (Thom’s in Kenya so it’s just me and the puppies.)  The generator can’t be in the rain so I covered it with a tilted card table and taped some old chicken feed bags on the west side, where the wind usually comes from.

During the lightning storm Friday I think we had a direct hit on our house.  I was standing in the kitchen with the dogs when all of a sudden this crashing crack vibrated through the house causing two bulbs in our overhead kitchen light to explode (that blinding white light, smoke, boom!) and the steel bars on the window to vibrate like a tuning fork.  All power died immediately.  The dogs were going nuts and I picked up Buddy and he shook and shivered for a good half hour, it was that loud and startling.

Yesterday everyone in the neighborhood got their power back on instead of us.  Well, actually, our power went on for like five minutes and then BOOM! BOOM!  Two more explosions.  I ran outside and asked our guard where the explosions came from because they sure sounded like they were in our attic.  He said they came from the north and that he had passed ZESCO working on the lines and transformers, and that some transformers must have blown.

Being without power has a way of forcing you to live naturally.  When my solar lamp died at 9.45 pm I just said, forget it, and went to bed.  Of course, this means that when the sun came up about 5.15 am I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to go.  Coco joined me but Buddy looked at me as if to say, you go on, I need to sleep a few more hours.

Our landlady’s mom came over about 7 am (they are really early risers here; everyone’s up and going at 5 am) and said she had contacted ZESCO and they were sending someone out later today, so hopefully we’ll have power tonight.


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5 Responses to Day 3 of No Power

  1. Maureen Witte says:

    We’re hoping you have power by now! Serious way of learning that we need reliable power sources. Mark & Jo were without power for 3 days after a big windstorm about 3 weeks ago. We can ‘t live without electricity or brownouts anymore, for sure. Not ready to go back to the” good old days,” ha!

  2. you didn’t mention candles. No candles?

  3. Marla says:

    Hi! I am sorry to just leave a comment, but am not sure how else to contact you. My husband just received a job offer in Lusaka and we are trying to connect with people there to learn more about the city before we decide if the move is right for our family. We are Americans with two small children (ages one and three). I would really appreciate it if you would send me an email at Thanks!

  4. ayana says:

    To Marla: you can also look at for post reports from expats living in Zambia and many other places around the world.
    To Kimm X Jayne: I encourage you to complete a post report on b/c it would be helpful to many.

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