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What would really happen if all hell broke loose?

A quick scan of my Facebook page shows that I have friends from all walks of life — weed-smoking hippies, gun-toting survivalists, foodie and wine snobs, rednecks with a penchant for fried okra, far right fundamentalist Christians, far left paganist … Continue reading

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Low Season Cancellations at Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is often the most inexpensive way to get from the states to Lusaka and back (and vice versa).  Tickets are usually in the $1700 range.  Plus (from Michigan), the connections coming back (assuming your plane is on time) … Continue reading

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Guava Jam

When we arrived in Lusaka January 2011, the “orchard” out back was completely infested with pests and disease and none of the trees carried any fruit.  Here’s an example of what 20+ trees looked like, all over. I (greatly!) prefer to … Continue reading

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Paris – Part Deux

Lest you think we are shallow people and spent all of our time eating and shopping in Paris amidst all of the fabulous museums, well, I’m here to tell you…um…well…um… We thought we were cultured people.  We like music and … Continue reading

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A Movie Star?

When we travel abroad we sometimes get the red carpet treatment.  Restaurant servers comp us drinks and food.  People motion for us to cut in line ahead of them.  Flight attendants bring us extra bottles of wine.  People stand and … Continue reading

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Still here!

I bet you thought I was snatched by aliens or have at least been without power for weeks now.  No, we (I hope I don’t jinx it!) sold our home in Michigan so I had to jet home and clean … Continue reading

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