Still here!

I bet you thought I was snatched by aliens or have at least been without power for weeks now.  No, we (I hope I don’t jinx it!) sold our home in Michigan so I had to jet home and clean out the house and barn.  (Unfortunately we sold at a huge loss but that’s okay because we’ll pass on the favor to the next house we buy when it’s sold at a huge loss to us.)  In one hour I’ll go to the real estate office to close the sale (armed with Thom’s power of attorney documents).

As fate would have it, we had been planning for some time to visit Paris the first week in March for a conference Thom had to attend.  So, I was able to tag a quick trip to the states on to that trip.  We had a wonderful(!!) time in Paris.  I had never spent any time there other than in the formerly incredibly smoky airport (smoking is now banned). We started the day with fresh croissants, french bread, cheese and coffee.  (The croissants tasted like a stick of pure butter to me so I stuck with the bread.)








Then, we burned off breakfast by walking from edge to edge of the whole city, occasionally stopping for refreshments at the cafes dotting every corner.

We visited all of the designer stores and one evening I got stuck in Cartier’s security lock foyer.  (Cartier’s is apparently so exclusive that you have to enter a security lock foyer, the door is locked behind you, and if you pass muster they let you enter the real store.  Hard to believe they let me in, huh?)  As I was leaving the security system failed and I had to wait five minutes in the foyer for the system to reboot (that’s me on the right).  I took the opportunity to make my Christmas wish list.

At the end of the day we burned off more calories climbing the four flights of stairs to our hotel room (no elevators).

Anyways, I soon arrived in the states and started to clean out our attic and barn.  You know how you stuff things you don’t need in your closet or attic?  Well, it’s ten times worse when you have a barn because you deposit things you normally would have thrown away in there, thinking, someday (if there’s an apocalypse) that will be useful.  Fortunately, I have guardian angels for neighbors and got lots of help disposing of good used furniture and just plain trash.

It was a little sad to pack up our home of the last 12 years.  We loved this property and sold only because we don’t want to retire in the Lansing area.  I came across some remnants of our wonderful life there.  I found this graffiti from one of Alex’s friends in his old closet (“Jacklyn loves Terrance” and vice versa).

I spent many hours making this room more urban for Ryan (i.e., the bricks; at that age he didn’t like ‘country living’).

Once when Alex was out of town his girlfriend and two other teenage girls spent the weekend sleeping over and redecorating his room.  (You can’t imagine how many coats of blue paint it takes to make a wall really blue.)  We signed our handiwork inside his air vent.


(No doubt these two rooms will be the first to be redecorated for the two girls who will soon inhabit them.)

I’ll miss the wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom, for which I made this stained glass panel to match.



I’ll really miss our gorgeous remodeled kitchen with double ovens and 6-burner gas cook top and the adorable wood stove my dad got us for Christmas one year.

Finally and most importantly, I’ll miss all of the great people who live on Sylvan Glen who enriched my life daily!  Thank you all.


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11 Responses to Still here!

  1. lisa says:

    I know its hard to believe its the end of an era, for the home is rich with history. But consider this: History is our greatest gift and our greatest barrier. We are products of the Industrial age and that paradigm is changing –what we need in the future is different. You and Thom are ready to move, and are ready to embrace the future. I’m thrilled about our trip this weekend, and Jeff and I are considering the permanent move north. Columbus is a great family city, but as our kids grow and change we need to provide for them what they need. That is, this city is part of our history, and not necessarily our future. We love you both and couldn’t imagine better neighbors!!!

    • Kimm X Jayne says:

      Thanks – keep needing to hear we did the right thing and that we’ll find something better and more beautiful where we really want to live! I’m glad we’re together on the journey!

  2. Pat & Larry Robbins says:

    Kim and Thom, we will miss you too. You have been exceptional neighbors, even going the extra distance to sponsor the community garden, and, for awhile, providing gorgeous world music in your barn to serenade us as we walked by in the evening. You both are among the most exceptional people I have known – talented & knowlegable in so many endeavors, yet totally down to earth and interested in others. Thank you for being here. Congratulations on selling your beautiful home and finding another one! We wish you joy!

    • Kimm X Jayne says:

      Thanks! We’ve enjoyed your (too brief) company! Some ladies went to dinner last Wed and I asked if anyone had called you but it slipped through the cracks, sorry to say. We’ll be back in May – sorry I couldn’t stop by this time – incredibly busy trying to get everything done in a week.

  3. Maureen Witte says:

    I’m so relieved to hear from you. I was about to send an email checking up on you, ha! It’s sad to me to see that you’ve sold the house too. We were there, what, about 3 times? It was the perfect place for you guys in that time. But time marches on, as it does for all of us. We’re going kind of nuts here too. A couple of weeks ago we had ALL of our floors recovered. Took about 8 days, but they did a good job. Was fun “living” in the house during all that. Today, we’re in the middle of an operation of having all of our water pipes relined with epoxy, a process that’s guaranteed to keep from spring leaks from the copper pipes which are in the concret slab in our house.

  4. Maureen Witte says:

    (Continued) The problem is getting to be quite an issue in our complex. Scott and Stephanie, and Mark & Jo had the same problems about 3 years ago and had to do a lot of ripping of walls and floors to find the leaks, so we figured this would be worth it. Then a couple of weeks back some of my health problems came to a head and we ended up calling the paramedics. Still not sure what it’s all about, but probably the same heart problems that my mom and Betty dealt with. No clogged arteries though. I think it’s a family history of cardiomyopathy. After doing a lot of research, that seems to be what I’m experiencing. Having an echo cardiogram next week. We’ll see what we find. I want to be healthy for our family reunion in July and Alex’s wedding in October!! So happy you enjoyed your time in Paris. Glenn and I did that 1986 (wow! That’s a long time ago) we we did Europe on the URail pass. We had 4 days in Paris, walking, walking and using the metro. It was a blast!

    • Kimm X Jayne says:

      Yikes! I hate dealing with house problems. One of our favored properties my friend Lisa (below) and I looked at this weekend had tons of water damage. I took photos in case we want to make an offer to bolster our case for a reduced cost. You’ll have to have Dr. Alex come give you a consult! I think you folks are going to live to 111. I’m currently in London (on a 12 hour layover) and looking forward to getting home to Lusaka after being gone for three weeks.

  5. Jack Pyle says:

    Well, big changes, eh? I left my Mason home in May. I found the downsizing to be a good emotional experience as I passed on items to children, friends and Goodwill. I’m renting a two-bedroom house in South Lansing and loving it. I’m only two blocks from Scott Woods, Hawk Island Park and the River Trail. I walk a couple of miles on the Trail several times a week.
    It will be interesting to hear about your future events. Is Thom still working for MSU?

  6. Hey There Kimm,
    Thanks for your thoughts, Im doing a reasearch project between early and late adolescents and their relationships with their parents. I need information regarding the changes that occur between the relationships an early adolescent teen has with their parents compared to the relationship a late adolescent teen has with theres ! HELP PLEASE 🙂

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