Boreholes (aka Wells)

Random wells spot our neighborhood.  Every day when I go for my morning run I see women washing clothes at some, babies at another, and sometimes men filling big plastic oil-size barrels with water to roll over to their gardens to water them.

One correction – they don’t call them wells, they call them boreholes here.  (I’ve never ever heard anyone refer to them as wells.)  The technical difference is that boreholes are drilled by machines and are relatively smaller in diameter (going deeper), whereas wells are dug by hand and relatively wider in diameter (which means that what we referred to as a well on our old property, was really a 300 foot deep borehole).

Oh, and take a look at the photo above.  Where the ground slopes downward from the well, someone has dug in garden beds with little irrigation trenches to catch the well run-off and planted them with seeds. Ever resourceful Zambians!

I really like the fact that everyone living in this area has access to clean water within a relatively short walking distance from their home.



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Gravatar Photograph from the exceptionally talented Ben Heine.
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