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Microwave Water and Plant Experiment – Final Conclusions

The final results of the experiment are in. The plants that did the best were those (a) in the hygrosoil (of course!), and, (b) those watered with microwave boiled water. In the hygrosoil, both the microwave and stove-top boiled watered … Continue reading

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St. Mitch, Keeper of the Canines

Have I mentioned yet that my brother is a saint?  Not only has he worked nearly every day the past 30 years side-by-side my dad (just kidding dad 🙂 ), but he took charge of our 3-foot-tall 115 lb baby … Continue reading

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Internet Dangers for Information Junkies

The internet is a dangerous place for information junkies like me.  How can you tell if you’re in the presence of an information junkie?  Easy.  Just ask a seemingly innocuous question for which they (and you) don’t know the answer … Continue reading

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Day 10 – Microwave Experiment

Inexplicably, the seeds planted with the microwave boiled water, as opposed to the stove-top boiled water, continue to race ahead in germination and growth.  I was getting worried about the compost soil watered with stove-top boiled water because nothing was … Continue reading

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Update on the Microwave Experiment

Whoa! Some people really (really!) do not like (not even a teeny weeny little bit!) microwaves. Forget politics or religion, if you want to stir up trouble at your next holiday dinner, just say, “I think microwaves are safe and … Continue reading

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Is food cooked in Microwave Ovens dangerous? An experiment

If you’re on Facebook I’m sure you’ve seen the latest round of scare stories about microwaves.  Typically, they show a series of photos with the following narrative as below: “Below is a science fair project that my granddaughter did for … Continue reading

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