Internet Dangers for Information Junkies

The internet is a dangerous place for information junkies like me.  How can you tell if you’re in the presence of an information junkie?  Easy.  Just ask a seemingly innocuous question for which they (and you) don’t know the answer and watch them run off to the computer.  It’s especially useful to do this if you want 5-6 hours to yourself and you’re not quite sure how to get rid of your partner/friend/child/coworker.

Information junkies just can’t answer the original question, because that question begats another question which begats another question, and the junkie has to get answers to them all, and this takes time because they have to compare at least four or five sites’ answers to see which answer is really true (or, if you’re me, which answer they understand).

For example, the other day someone innocently asked me, “What causes a double rainbow?” Before they could point out said rainbow, whoosh, I was at my computer trying to find the answer.

Okay, you’re probably wondering if you’re an information junkie.  You’re not if you can resist knowing what causes a double rainbow (answer in detail below) or if you’ve already moved on to TMZ or the weather channel.  You might be an information junkie if you continue reading below but that’s only because my answer is so short and more importantly, has a picture.  You most definitely are an information junkie if you further research the subject.  If you post further links as to details about rainbows in the comments section of this post, you’re in greater need of psychological help than even me.

Answer:  Whether you see a single or double rainbow is due to the angle of the sun behind you hitting water droplets ahead of you.  Single rainbows appear at an angle of 40-42°.  Double rainbows, which are reflecting additional sunlight inside the raindrops, appear at an angle of 50–53°.  (See this.)  Pretty cool, huh?  I never realized before that the sun had to be behind you for you to see a rainbow.

Oh, and did you know that in double rainbows the colors are reversed?  When there is a double rainbow, the top rainbow is the reflection of the bottom rainbow, so red is always the middle color.  In single rainbows red is always the top color and violet the bottom color.  In doubles, the upper rainbow always has red as the bottom color and violet as the top color.  And wow, I just realized that the fainter rainbow in a double is always on top because of the higher angle of reflection.  I never noticed that before either.

Okay, so now you’re saying to yourself, I’ve gotta see a picture of this or I won’t be able to sleep or eat or have s..  er . . . have a soda, yes, or have a soda.

I understand, here you go…

Now, aren’t you a better person for knowing this?  🙂


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Gravatar Photograph from the exceptionally talented Ben Heine.
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8 Responses to Internet Dangers for Information Junkies

  1. Jack Pyle says:

    I love your curiosity, which enhances my knowledge!

  2. Maureen Witte says:

    How true it is! Especially after visiting the doctor and trying to understand what he’s really talking about, ha!

  3. medwoman says:

    Speaking of internet junkies, I am now doing weight watchers on line so I am also on the computer tracking the food I eat and exercise I get.
    Then I was reading a science magazine last evening that I found ( while getting my exercise walking)on the boulevard ( people in our neighbourhood put free things out all the time) and there was a brief mention of looking up your name on Google search. Well my curiosity (or vanity) got the better of me and I had to get out of bed and go see if I was on the web. To my surprize there are 7 women living in Canada with my name and they are people who have web sites or are on Linkedin. I wonder how many other people are in the world with the same name who are not on the internet?
    It is definitely contagious. You do get all of our minds working. Thanks, I think.
    Now you are going to look your name up aren’t you?

  4. Tendayi Chapoto says:

    Thanks Kim. Learned something new today. Will have to share with Tee and Ash. Tee enjoys such info!

  5. Hello Kim, I was wondering if you had an email address I could have to get incontact with you. 3 of my family members and myself are planning a trip to Zambia shortly and would like to speak with you. Or if you’d prefer you can contact me… If you would like to speak anyway 😛

    Thanks in advance.

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