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Wrapping it Up

Well, our tour of duty in Zambia officially ended late January, when Thom returned home for good.  It was a busy autumn for me, going back and forth from here to Zambia, and supervising the building of our barn and … Continue reading

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A Rested Person is a Happy Person

Wow! The world looks so much more promising and cooperative to me when I feel rested and fed.  Within 24 hours of arriving at our new home I got internet(!!!!! can you believe it??? I love America. This is the … Continue reading

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Doggie Travel from Africa to the U.S.

Now that the movers are packing our boxes, I’ve turned my attention to getting our doggies back to the U.S. safely.  I’ve researched the issue in depth and have come to the conclusion that the most economical as well as … Continue reading

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Packing and travel

We’re using AGS Frasers as our moving service from Lusaka to Michigan, and boy are they good.  The wrap everything in cardboard, including tables, chairs, couches (as opposed to plastic) and triple wrap glassware.  The dogs are a little nervous … Continue reading

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Long time no post…

Well, since I’ve last posted we’ve bought our dream home in Northwestern Michigan.  It’s on 27 acres, has a pond and a creek, and we’re looking forward to many years of homesteading.  The main house is the perfect size for … Continue reading

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Microwave Water and Plant Experiment – Final Conclusions

The final results of the experiment are in. The plants that did the best were those (a) in the hygrosoil (of course!), and, (b) those watered with microwave boiled water. In the hygrosoil, both the microwave and stove-top boiled watered … Continue reading

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Internet Dangers for Information Junkies

The internet is a dangerous place for information junkies like me.  How can you tell if you’re in the presence of an information junkie?  Easy.  Just ask a seemingly innocuous question for which they (and you) don’t know the answer … Continue reading

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