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The Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI)

On February 9th, 2012, Michigan State University’s (MSU) Food Security Research project, the project Thom had been a principal investigator on for some 12 years, transformed into a new, independent, Zambian-based and -managed institute called the Indaba Agricultural Policy Research … Continue reading

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Whooping Cough – Not just for children anymore…

My super-sticky throat with a completely unproductive cough is finally abating!  However, for a while there, I’d get these choking coughing fits where I couldn’t get a breath in because it felt like the phlegm had completely coated and blocked … Continue reading

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Go Chipolopolo!

Bells are ringing, vuvulezas (long horns) are honking and people are celebrating wherever you go today in Zambia.  If you haven’t heard yet, underrated, underappreciated, never-gonna-win Zambia won the Africa Cup for “football”!!  (That’s soccer to you heathens across the … Continue reading

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Since we’re without a home base in the U.S. and the kids are scattered around the northern hemisphere, we thought it would be fun to choose a cool place to meet up and spend a week there over the holidays.  … Continue reading

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The BIG Holiday News!

Alex and I frequently chat by Skype.  Nothing earth-shattering; just a way to stay in touch.  Forgetting how old his mom is and how such news affects people our age, he nonchalantly dropped this bomb one day: [12/16/2011 7:11:16 AM] … Continue reading

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Catch up

After a five week trip to the U.S., where we slept in 14 different places, we’ve arrived back home!  During our stateside trip we did the west coast parent tour, stayed a week in Taos with the kids, took a … Continue reading

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